Stepping out

          I stepped out just that little bit further for a photo and, ended up sitting in the mud … but I got my picture.

10. ... the Photo.

          I’m not one for pushing myself, I tend to stay comfortably within my safety zone so again I’m surprised at how far I will go to get the right picture.

          Hereford, like many other places on Sunday was very soggy after the recent rain and the water level of the river Wye was as high as I’d ever seen it before.  I followed on from my walk looking for “Black and white Hereford” yesterday by crossing the Wye bridge and heading off in the direction of the “Victoria footbridge“.  Normally I would cross the footbridge and head up towards the park but I had found a leaflet about a cycle hire and it would appear there are a whole network of Hereford cycle routes that I have yet to explore so I set off past the footbridge following the line of the river.

          The swollen river had left the trees standing in the water way past their knees and from the bank I could see the footbridge though the grasses and trees, but if I could get a little further out, on this concrete barrier for instance, it would be a much better picture.

9. The perch ...

          Needless to say, my carefully picked footing to climb down the bank for my picture was not quite careful enough … and the fallen leaves underfoot acted like a magic carpet to speed my feet on their way … and to leave the rest of me sitting in the mud !

                    But I got my picture.

           More from before : “Hereford” wanderings.


6 thoughts on “Stepping out

    • Sometimes its worth it when you don’t get your picture too. The strange reactions you get for standing (or sitting) in silly places can make you smile just as much as getting the picture. 🙂

    • Oh, not a soure posterior at all … the mud gave for a very soft landing !!!! 🙂
      And I don’t mind sharing the feeling with the whole world at all, they can laugh at me or with me, I don’t mind which … so long as they laugh. 😀

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