Storm litter

11. Disabled angler's plaque.

          The plaque above was embedded into the bank of the River Wye, a very nice thought from Hereford, but although I did spot one or two anglers on my walk along the side of the weather-beaten river, even following this path down to the edge of the river didn’t help me to see a platform.

12. Disabled angler's platform.

          Ahh, viewed from the bank above you can just make out the lid of the rubbish bin, I guess the platform is about three feet (1 metre) underneath the water below the bin.

13. Disabled angler's bin.

          A little further along, this tree had given in to the high winds.  There were a few disgruntled walkers complaining that it hadn’t been moved yet, but I guess since it hadn’t landed on the path it wasn’t causing any immediate safety issue, and I wasn’t the only one taking advantage of an unusual photo opportunity.

14. Fallen tree.

           Although the tree did give us a good photo opportunity, it was quite a sad sight to see something so big and strong laying helpless on the ground, but a little further along the path, it was good to see that the next generation had survived intact.

15. Next generation.

          More from before : “Hereford” wanderings.

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