Travel theme: Connections

          I don’t very often take up a challenge here on WordPress but after reading “Aj’s post” this morning I went over to “Ailsa’s blog” and joined right in.

2. Number 2.

          I was waiting on platform number two in Hereford, playing with the camera of course, but also texting back and for with Little Sister who was also waiting for her train on platform number two in Cardiff.  Both trains were destined for Abergavenny where Little Sister and I connected for the day.  So there you have it, two connections in one  … the trains to Abergavenny, and the text messages which kept us up to date with the travel status.  How could I not join in.

3. Platform 2.

           More from before : “Hereford” wanderings and a day out in “Abergavenny” in November 2013.

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