Riding rainbows

          I woke up to grey skies, rain and a weather forecast for fog today so since the rain is expected to pass after today I though I’d ride a few rainbows to the end of the week.

          I wonder if there is a “Pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow … and I wonder if I’ll ever remove the plasterboard from in front of the boarded up fireplace at the bottom of this chimney to find out.

2002-08.  Pot of gold

          I spend a day in Oxford catching up with an old friend.  We climbed the Carfax tower during a gap in the clouds and giggled like “Schoolgirls” as we got rained on at the top, but it was worth it to see the spires framed with a rainbow.

2010. Oxford rain.

2010. Oxford bow.

          Somewhere over the rainbow   … “Weigh a pie“.   Sorry, but the silliest jokes are often the funniest.

2012-03. Weigh a pie.

          On a visit to Llanberis we spent a soggy afternoon wandering off to see “Dolbadarn Castle” and were nicely rewarded for our troubles.

19. Rainbow.

          And I know I’ve only recently posted this one, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to post my “Ticker tape rainbow” again.

2013-11. Rainbow leaves.

          I’ve one more rainbow in the files from across the river Usk towards Abergavenny and I make no apology if it leaves you with a cheerful song stuck in your head for the rest of the day …

          Up above the streets and houses …

2013-11. River Usk rainbow.

          … paint the whole world with a RAINBOW !


4 thoughts on “Riding rainbows

  1. Lovely! We’ve had some beautiful rainbows recently. The view at Llanberis looks stunning… I’m passing near there in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to get to those mountains!!

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