Smugglers Inn

          A friend of mine has just come back from a break in Dorset and of course posted pictures online of a day trip to Weymouth, I have to admit being just a tad envious so popped back into the files to see what I could find to refresh a couple of memories of my own visits.

16. Weymouth from Ormington.

          The view here is of a distant Weymouth, as seen from the beach below “The Smugglers Inn” at Osmington Mills.

          I’m pretty sure we visited The Smugglers Inn on two occasions as I have memories of taking the bus to get there, but also memories of climbing out of the car in the car park.

          I remember a very wet, windy day in Weymouth when the sea front was being battered by storms and the sea sent waves crashing high above the protecting walls of the harbour entrance.  Unfortunately, as beautiful as these pictures were I didn’t have any thoughts about catching them on camera at that time.  I also remember though the contrast of the following day as we took the bus, Hubby, as is often the case, was being very vague about our day out and would just assure me that I would enjoy it when I got there.  The bus deposited us in what seemed to the be middle of nowhere and we started to walk, quite steeply, along a long, single track lane.  Eventually we were greeted by a view very similar to the one my camera caught a few years later … The smugglers Inn.

17. Smuggler's Inn, Ormington.

          I’m guessing we sampled the hospitalities on our first visit, but what I remember most was a little path to the right of the buildings which led down to the sea.  Hubby spent a while laying on a stone jetty soaking up the sun and I played with the pebbles.  I remember being amazed at such a contrast in the weather from the day before, but hey, this is Britain and we’ve become used to getting all four seasons in one day let alone one week.

          I have a soft spot for pebbles and “Stones“, I’ve mentioned before that I keep a piece of slate in my pocket and have “worried” it quite smooth over time, I also mentioned that it’s predecessor was a small stone with a snail-like fossil which eventually just had a dip where I rubbed the fossil away.  The fossil stone was found rummaging around in the pebbles below the Smugglers Inn.

          Now we’d walked down a very steep lane to find the Inn and of course what goes up must come down, and visa versa, so off we trudged back up the hill.  Needless to say Hubby took it in his stride and I was the one doing the trudging.  Here the memory turns vague again, I’m pretty sure we didn’t get the bus back from the top of the lane as I remember walking along on a pleasant day, carrying the coat which I had wrapped around myself so tightly the previous day.  There’s a signpost on the Smugglers Inn website (follow the link above) which says Weymouth was four and a half miles away along the coastal path.  We weren’t on the coastal path, we were following a road, and I have a feeling we didn’t walk all the way back but caught a bus about half way.

18. Smuggler's Inn, Ormington.

          Our second visit must have been by car because as I’ve already said I can remember getting out of the car as we arrived and this time, I’m pretty certain we sampled the hospitalities, although I don’t remember what they were.

          The path to the beach below was a little more illusive although we finally found part of it by crossing barriers which said “No entry” and “Unsafe”… as you do quite often if you’re following Hubby the adventurer.

          If you look back at the top photo you can see in the very top, left corner, a few walkers heading along a path.  Let your eyes follow the path along the top of the picture to the right and along the fence until you see a gate type structure.  This was the new route to the sea below, not a man-made path, but definitely a man-assisted path and quite easily negotiated to the bottom.

          Once at the bottom we could see what had happened to the original path  There appears to have been a landslide and most of the path had slipped away and landed on top of the little stone jetty where Hubby had previously sat and soaked up the sunshine.

          Maybe on another visit to Weymouth we could plan ahead and walk along the coastal path to Osmington Mills, relax with a spot of lunch when we arrive, and then catch the bus back.

           More from before: various visits to “Weymouth“.

7 thoughts on “Smugglers Inn

  1. Oh lovely Dorset 🙂 I spent some time in the summer in the area not far from Swanage and just loved spending evenings down on the cliffs near Dancing ledge. We found some great fossils in Kimmeridge Bay too and I have one sitting here on my desk as a reminder of fun times 🙂 I don’t know Weymouth very well but it looks lovely!

    • Sounds like you made some happy memories in the summer. 🙂
      I think Weymouth is just wonderful, the sea, the sand, the harbour, the nature reserve, the shops … but then that’s just me, drop in sometime if you can and see for yourself. 😀

  2. What an interesting fascination for stones – I can imagine that “worrying” the slate works well. I collected stones from an early age, and started my working life as a geologist, tho I haven’t done any of that for 28 years. But I still buy the occasional rock in “rock shops” (where else??? 🙂 ), but now its for their beauty rather than what they actually are. A

    • Stones … pebbles … that’s me, when everyone else on the beach or the mountain is looking for shells or gazing at the view, I’m poking around in the pebbles or the stones underfoot. 🙂

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