Smiling sweetly

2013-11. Eat me jar.

          In Venice, somewhere between San Marco and Piazale Roma you’ll find a coop mini-market, probably part of a chain, but in this case just the one little shop sitting quite unobtrusively on the main walking route. 

          On our first day in Venice I felt the need for some sugar and sustenance so we popped in and emerged with a bite to eat and a bag of sweets.  Now my body is complicated when it comes to what I put inside it, if I add the right fuel at the right time then it works fine, but if I get it wrong then I really know about it.  The bag of sweets worked perfectly, not only did they have plenty of sugar and no chocolate and were soft enough to not break any of my crumbling teeth, but they tasted  … well, as they say on the packet, like milky caramel toffee.  Very, very nice.  So nice in fact that as the bag of sweets emptied it left me wanting more.

          Well, as you can imagine, when just wandering from one end of Venice to the other along little winding streets it gives you a lot of scope to hide away one little shop.  We did a lot more wandering during our few days there and each time we found a mini-market we popped in and checked if they sold the same sweets but didn’t manage to find any.  This only made the few sweets I had left in my pockets taste even better.  Eventually, I think on the last full day we were there, I’d pretty much given up but Hubby found the shop and we bought some more sweets.  I was actually very restrained, we didn’t need an extra suitcase to go home, I bought one for eating there and then, two to bring home for me, and another to bring home for a couple of friends who I knew would like them as much as I did.

          One of my bags for bringing home was tipped into the “Eat me” jar when we arrived for eating and sharing but the other I folded  and placed on the top shelf in one of the kitchen cupboards to be forgotten.

          I know my memory well, I had completely forgotten they were there until yesterday when I was scouring the cupboards for “something nice” to eat … and there they were.  Now they’re in the “Eat me” jar too, and once they’re gone, they’re gone, but in the meantime I’m not only enjoying the taste again of the milky caramel toffee, I’m enjoying the memories of wandering through the little winding streets of Venice looking for them.

2013-11. Eat me sweets.

           More from before : visits to “Venice” in Aug 2006 and Jul 2013.


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