Friendship Friday

          It seems only fitting that Aj at “Ouch my back hurts” should be featured in the first of my “Friendship Friday” posts, after all, it was his idea.

2012-03. Daffodil head.

          Aj has set himself a challenge (he loves a challenge) to do a few Friday posts to spread some cyber friendship around.  I had the honour of being featured in just the second of “Aj’s Friendship Fridays” posts and although I don’t usually take on a challenge, I liked the idea of this one so here I am doing the first of a few of my own.

          Well, what can I say about Aj ?  He’s a Saffer (and proud of it) living, as he puts it, life in the Greater Dublin and Leinster area waffling his way though daily posts on life, the universe and everything.  Although I believe his Good Lady Wife (GLW) keeps him on a shorter leash than he realises.

          He has a passion and rants often, but his passion shows in pretty much everything else he shares too, his photography, thoughts on his homeland, his fundraising for his chosen charity Midlands Simon Community.

          On his blog you’ll find canal walks, wanderings around Dublin, photos of sunsets and much more.   Oh not forgetting the Braai (BBQ to us mere mortals) where pictures of such delights will have your tastebuds tingling in anticipation.

          Drop over and say hi, and if you feel inclined to do a couple of your own Friendship Friday posts I’m sure Aj would love to know his idea has taken off.

          Here’s a few links to get you started…

          “Royal Canal 2013 walk for Midlands Simon“.

          “Dublin Streets – Let me take you by the hand“.

          “Tis the day … Open house C4C Christmas“.

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