Lyn Padyrn path

          If you joined me on my circular walk to “Cym-y-glo” last time I visited Snowdonia with Hubby then I think I left you high and dry at the start of the Lyn Padyrn Lake path.  I hope you found your way back ok, I’d hate to think of you still sitting there, even if you are enjoying the view across the lake.

2013-04. Lyn Padyrn.

          Follow the old road in a general lake direction, you’ll have to go through a gate, remember to close it as this piece of path goes along between two fields.  Cows live in both and cross the road through a gateway from each field.  If they are crossing when you cut through their territory, they seem friendly enough but I do recommend you let them have right of way.

2013-04. Cows.

          Close the gate at the other end, and it’s ok, you can breathe normally again now.  Before long you’ll come to a slate gateway on the side of the pavement, this will take you down to join the Lyn Padyrn Lake walk.

2013-04. Slate gate.

          Looking back at the bottom of the steps, you’ll see a tunnel cut out of the rock which the road above is built on.  Also the wooden post with the white line around it shows that you’ve now joined the lake path.

2013-04. Steps.

          Don’t go through the tunnel, walk on towards Llanberis with the tunnel behind you.  It’s not far now and it’s a nice quiet stroll alongside the gentle lapping of the lake.

          The Lake walk is a good walk to do in its own right and if that’s the way you’ve been, you’ll approach the tunnel from the other side.  It’s not a very long tunnel and you can see through to the end.

2013-04. Tunnel entrance.

          Sometimes it’s good to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

           More from before : a circular walk between “Llanberis” and “Cwm-y-Glow“.

7 thoughts on “Lyn Padyrn path

    • A beautiful place indeed, I think there’s another trip planned from here later in the new year, about May I think. We’ll hopefully have better weather than last week though, I’m very much a fine weather walker. 🙂

    • Yes it is a beautiful place, Hubby is talking of going up to the top of Snowdon again. I might just take the train up and join him for the walk back down. I’ve never been on the Snowdon train before. 🙂

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