So, if a writer has their work put into print and displayed for all to see they’ve been published … therefore, is a photographer when one of their photos has been chosen and printed to be put on a wall … framed ?

2011-05. Market stall.

          If that’s the case, then I’ve been Framed !

          Although I only loosely refer to myself as a photographer, I do like to play with my camera, and I’m quite happy to share the results.

          Little Sister has recently had her kitchen remodeled. Cream walls, light wood grain cupboards, black worktop and flooring, you get the picture, all very modern and (dare I say it) a bit bland.  Well I’m not known for my tact so I did dare to say it and Little Sister, who luckily, is quite used to my tactlessness, turned my suggestion that she needed a colourful, bold picture of something cooking related to brighten up the far wall into a request for me to find one for her.

          After a little tooing and froing in and out of the files this picture from May 2011 of a market stall in “Doncaster” was decided on.  I remember taking the picture on a Saturday in the indoor market where I was wandering around while Hubby was spending the day at the local sporting event.  There were two stalls, this one and another of equal size next to it.  The fruit and veg on the other stall, I have no doubt, was just as fine as on this stall but this stall was far busier, with far more customers, and far more sales.  The difference … the lighting.  Something so simple as just a few more lightbulbs shining down from behind the shutters made the fruit seem bigger, brighter and altogether more inviting.  The few extra pennies they would have spent out on their electric bill would probably have been more than made up for by the extra sales.

          As for the picture, my main worry was that it wouldn’t stand up to close scrutiny, what size was it to be printed ?  10×12 inches ?  16×14 inches maybe ? No … a whopping 20×32 inches !  Little Sister wanted it cut into eight portrait pictures and then was going to print it as eight 10×8 inch frames.  My worries have been put to rest and the picture quality has stood up to the printing. Now all that remains is to add a picture of the pictures themselves … taken by Little Sister, in her new “colourful” kitchen.

Kitchen pics.


8 thoughts on “Framed

    • It took us a while to work out where to put the nails in to get everything to line up, but when she fancies a change, next time it will be a lot easier, we’ll just have to replace the prints with different ones. 🙂

  1. And I didn’t know you’re tactless. OMG! Scary! But then, maybe you’re just being honest, rather than hiding your true feelings like the rest of us do ->>> KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!! 🙂 A

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