In with the new

2013-12. Tree.

          What happened to December ?

                    Just dropping in to hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and to wish you all a wonderful 2014.

                              Catch you again in the new year.

2013-12. Christmas cake.


6 thoughts on “In with the new

  1. Yea where did it go?! Christmas school holidays are bizarre only 2 weeks but weird..
    The first week drags & the children are mega excited/hyper/crazed but then the second week absolutely flies by so fast… You don’t manage to get the things done you wanted to & before you know it the usual routine is back in place – I actually prefer the long summer holidays to this fortnight off. Hope you had a lovely Christmas & wishing you a fantastic 2014 xXx

    • My girls are way past the school holiday age now but working in retail I found Christmas started way back in September and got more and more hectic. We’re only just now picking up the pieces … and of course, starting to prepare for other events which are way into the 2014 calendar already.

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