The Bridge of Sighs in Oxford …

2011. Bridge of Sighs.

          The Rialto Bridge in Venice …

76. Rialto bridge.

          The bridges over the Tyne in Newcastle …


          The Wye Bridge in Hereford, looking up at the Cathedral …

Wye Bridge & Cathedral, Hereford. Oct 2009.

          But today there’s a new bridge holding my interest …

2014-01. Canon.

          My new Canon Powershot Bridge camera !


7 thoughts on “Bridges

  1. Oh! You got a new camera too!! How exciting! Mine just arrived this morning (a Canon Rebel EOS T3i). I haven’t taken mine out of the box yet (for fear that if I do, nothing else will get done around here…lol!). Beautiful series of bridges, Sallyann. 🙂

    • It’s very scary … all those different settings !
      I think I’ve got the feel of it now so I guess I’ll just print out one page of the manual at a time and tuck it into the camera case until I’ve mastered that bit, then move onto the next page. 🙂

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