So long … and thanks for all the gifts

          I really should watch Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy again.  I’m not one for books but Hubby’s got the first tv series on dvd and I do seem to quote quite a few lines from it.  Ok, so I’ve used a little poetic licence this time, but that’s allowed.

18. Baubles.

          I’m not going anywhere, the “so long” is for Christmas.  As is usual here we’ve had three Christmases, one when my Mum and Dad came to visit, another at Christmas, well Christmas Eve this year as Hubby was working on Christmas day again, and then another with Mum-in-law because she spends Christmas with Hubby’s brother’s family and we have another Christmas when she gets back usually early in the new year.  Yesterday evening was our last Christmas so today I have the task of taking down the decorations and boxing everything up into the attic ready for next year.

25. Christmas day.

          Grampy Santa, Brolly and Mac stayed indoors this year,  I racked my brain to come up with a new idea for an advent calendar but found their adventures last year a little hard to follow so thought I’d take a break from the non-fattening advent calendar for a year or two until I can come up with something to compete.  The tree was purple and blue, along with the gold ornaments but I’m hoping to have the room re-decorated in oranges, browns and greens by next Christmas so I’ll have to sort the decorations carefully into different coloured boxes to make things a bit easier next time.

9. Coffee break.

          Maybe I’ll just have one more coffee before I start to clear up.  There’s always time for just one more coffee.


5 thoughts on “So long … and thanks for all the gifts

  1. I wondered about Grampy Santa, Brolly and Mac. I thought maybe I’d missed them while I was away, and on a short blogging break. It’s good to see them. 🙂 I was thinking about Hitchhiker’s Guide the other day, too. I quote from it a lot as well (and of course 42 is my favorite number!). I have the books, hidden in a box somewhere, along with the original tv series on video (also hidden in a box somewhere). If I come across the video or the books, I’ll join you in revisiting it.

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