Eliza and Judith

          There’s the usual January Doncaster sports competition coming up for Hubby so of course there’s an opportunity for a wander around in Doncaster and surrounding area for me too.

          Last time I visited “Conisbrough” and was treated to the result of the previous night’s snowstorm to play with the camera in the castle grounds.  I’ve frequented the shopping centre and taken a very relaxing walk around the Lakeside area but Doncaster also holds somewhat of a family history puzzle for me too … two sisters, Eliza and Judith.

          Eliza and Judith were both daughters of “Grandma Sarah” which, if I’ve worked it out right, makes them my Great, great, great Aunts.

          Anyway, here’s the puzzle.  They were both born in the same little village in Cambridgeshire way back in 1826 and 32.  On the 1841 census were both still living with the family at the ages of 14 and 8 but after that I lost track of Eliza.

          I found Judith on the 1851 census working in Doncaster in as a house servant in South Parade, a street even today full of large houses, although I’m still not sure which one Judith worked in.  Then Judith got married.  The wedding was in 1854 and took place in Barnburgh, a small village not far from Doncaster, but here’s the good bit, Judith’s sister, Eliza, was one of the witnesses on the wedding certificate and Judith is noted as living in Barnburgh at the time.

          This sent me off on another slightly more informed search of the 1851 census and I eventually found Eliza living and working in Barnburgh as a housemaid for an elderly brother and sister.  My success was short-lived as she soon disappeared again and I had no sign of her on the 1861 census.  I dredged the wedding registers to find the record of a marriage so that I could look on the 1861 under a married name but came up blank so eventually I dredged the death registers from 1854 and came up with a very probable death for her in 1857.

          It would appear Eliza found employment in Doncaster in Cleveland Street but died there of lung disease at the age of 30.

          I can find no record of Eliza being buried anywhere in Doncaster, there is the possibility that she was taken home to her parents to be buried in the little Cambridge village but since she and her younger sister Judith appeared to be pretty close and Judith moved to Newark where her husband became quite a distinguished gentleman I have a sneaky suspicion that Eliza’s final resting place is to be found in Newark Cemetery where she would have eventually been joined by her sister.

          I visited Barnburgh a good few years ago but can’t seem to put my hands on the pictures of the church where the wedding took place so I’ll leave you with a picture of Doncaster Minster for now as I’m sure both Eliza and Judith would have walked past it often.

2013-01. Snow minster.

          More from before : Various visits to “Doncaster“.


6 thoughts on “Eliza and Judith

  1. Beautiful photo, oh I love a bit of family history, to do a bit of family research is one of my New Years resolutions. I hope you can find more info on the sisters.

    • Thanks, the photo was taken last January after the snow storm before I set off for Conisbrough Castle. The camera was really spoilt for choice on that morning. 😀

    • Thanks, I stood at my vantage point upstairs in the Premier Inn for the view. 😀
      I’ve been looking into my family history for years and have found some wonderful old stories. 🙂

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