Furry fluff balls

          It was a cold and frosty morning but I’m still trying to get the feel of  the new camera so I took it out to play in the garden.  Alice was more interested in a broken suitcase which was heading for the bin than in the camera.  Look how porky she’s grown over the winter, a combination of too many treats and not enough exercise.  (Her and me both !)

1. 12-01-2014. Suitcase.

          Since they nibble at my yard brush at any chance they get, when I had the chance to buy a new one at a really stupid price I did, and left the old one out for the rabbits to play with.  Here’s Alice digging at the bristles and flicking bits of dry mud into the air.

2. 12-01-2014. Yard brush.

          Pepper is still a little wary of me following him around with the little red camera, mostly because Alice thinks I belong to her and tends to chase Pepper away if I give him her share of attention.  I can get a closer picture from further away now so he’s happy enough to sit still and watch from a distance.

3. 12-01-2014. Sitting.

          Eventually he got bored with watching me and went off to play. This part of the garden has no grass, it’s a playground full of stones, bits of wood and old branches. They rearrange it regularly although I have to add the odd brick here and there if they dig in the wrong place.

4. 12-01-2014. Washing.

          The following day started off just as cold but the sunshine enticed the two of them to snuggle outside for a spot of grooming. Alice does most of the grooming but Pepper does wash her ears from time to time.

5. 13-01-2014. Grooming.

          After a while they settled down to a bit of sun snoozing and I left them in peace and went back indoors to see what I’d caught on the camera.

6. 13-01-2014. Sun-snoozing.

          More fun and games in the garden with Alice, Pepper and other “Furry Friends“.


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