We’ve just come back from a weekend in Doncaster, Hubby played in his usual sports comp and I played with the new camera.

          This has to be my favourite picture from the weekend …

2014-01. Squirrel.

          I was standing about 20 feet away from the picture and playing with the zoom.  A nicely cut tree trunk had been sprinkled with seeds and various visitors were enjoying them.  I got to choose between robins, blue tits and squirrels with the camera so I positioned myself next to a tree and just waited in the gaps between passing walkers and their dogs until the little critters were comfortable enough to ignore me.

          I’m still on auto focus with the camera and haven’t quite worked out how to put the autofocus exactly where I want it to be, most of the shots had the focus just a little out but this one seems to have caught it just right.  The blue tits didn’t like to keep still, very wary of anything and everything around them.  The robins sat for a little longer, but I didn’t manage to get the focus right.  However, this squirrel, quite happy with me watching him, went about his business and then froze mid-mouthful as another walker arrived on the path.  In the couple of seconds he halted time for me to take his photo I forgave him for the little seed which was still stuck to his whiskers.


15 thoughts on “Squirrel

  1. Great shot – very clear! What is your new camera? I didn’t realise how complicated auto-focus had become until I got my new DSLR…so much to learn!

  2. Thanks, the new camera is a Canon Powershot. It’s a bridge camera, the idea is that it’s the next stage up from my little red point and shoot, but not quite as scary as the real thing. 🙂
    As you say … so much to learn ! 😀
    I’ve transfered my manual to my mobile phone so that I can re-read bits while I’m out but nothing makes you learn better than the actual experience of using the camera.
    Thanks for stopping by and of course, thanks for the comment. Any pointers or suggestions for the new box of tricks will be more than happily received. 😀

    • A long process sounds just like me too, but I’m sure we’ll both get where we’re going in the end. 🙂
      He really is cute isn’t he, I can’t help wanting to reach out and brush the seed away from his nose for him. 😀

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