Cusworth Hall

          If you’ve got a few hours to spare in Doncaster, then I’d definitely recommend a visit to “Cusworth Hall and Park“.

2014-01. Cusworth Hall & Park.

          Again, a visit in January meant I was limited by the weather so Saturday morning I set off in sunshine, expecting a heavy downpour after lunch.

          The walk from Doncaster centre towards Cusworth Hall is apparently more than pleasant in its own right but with the recent weather, the rain and floods, I was advised by the local tourist information (well worth a visit to the very helpful staff) advised which way to go to avoid the majority of the mud and join a cycle path.  Unfortunately, even the cycle paths were too muddy for my new boots so I resorted to the satnav on my phone and pretended I was a car.

          I joined Cusworth Park from a side entrance and wandered up towards the house.  First things first, a visit to the award-winning coffee shop for a quick coffee in beautiful surroundings before wrapping back up and taking the camera outside.

2014-01. Gatehouse.

          I wandered up the long driveway to the main entrance and stood, as you do, in the middle of the road to snap this picture of the Hall through the archway of the gatehouse.  The carpark entrance is a little to the right of the gate and the small wooded area before that is where I found my “Squirrel“.

          Having used up a little more than expected of my dry weather time in getting there, I wandered around to the back of the hall and sat for my picnic on this bench, if you’ve come dressed for the occasion, join me for a short while and enjoy the view down to the lake.  The tower on the horizon just right of centre is Doncaster Minster, this will give you some idea of how far away Cusworth is from the town centre.

2014-01. Picnic view.

          I wandered down through the shrubbery walk looking for signs of spring.  I did catch sight of the odd daffodil poking its head above ground, and one small tree with a few blossoms on it, but the wind made rhe blosom dance too fast for the camera to catch so you’ll have to trust me on that one.

          I followed the path around the upper lake and took a few pictures back up towards the house, if you look closely you can see someone sitting on our picnic bench to the left of the house as we look at it.

2014-01. Lake view.

          There was an interesting stone arch at the one end of the lake.  I believe at some time it was a bridge with the water going under it to the middle lake but now it’s just a pretty arch and it caught the last of the sunshine beautifully.

2014-01. Rock arch.

          There are two more lakes, an orchard, a few ponds, a walled garden, and of course Cusworth village itself to explore if you have the time and the weather, but the strengthening winds rolled in the clouds and after a quick peek inside the house I emerged to the first spots of rain and hurried to the shelter of a near-by bus stop for a ride back to town.

           More from before : Various visits to “Doncaster“.


2 thoughts on “Cusworth Hall

    • Oh yes, I imagine it’s beautiful in the snow. I was lucky enough to visit Conisbrough Castle after a snowstorm last year and the sledgers were out in their numbers there too.
      A slight hiccup at Hubby’s comp means we’re at the Bristol and Blackpool competition weekends next year but I’m sure we’ll be back to Doncaster the year after and I’ll be sure to pack my wellies for another visit to Cusworth Hall, whatever the weather. 😀

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