2014-02. Shell.

          Not quite the seaside, but the walls in the kitchen are sky blue, the floor at one end is the old pale blue carpet from the living room, and at the other is a sort of sandy coloured stone tile effect, the cupboard doors are now knotted pine, not quite driftwood, but knotted pine decking could be a possibility.

          There’s a tiny wooden deck chair on the coffee table and the Yankee candle shell which didn’t quite find its niche in the living room has now joined it, looking wonderful with a tealight inside.  I’m sure I have a pebble or two just sitting around the house somewhere (as you do) which I could just leave lying around and the bamboo settee in the corner is in need of new covers and I’m working on Hubby to persuade him that some pale denim and oatmeal striped material would look good (not too deckchairish).

          Oh, and one more thing, I’ve added two pictures from Weymouth on the wall.

2009-09. Deckchairs.

2009-09. Weymouth beach.

          Yes, very seasideish, if I do say so myself.

           More from before : Happenings in “my kitchen“.

10 thoughts on “Seasideish

  1. I love the little deckchair! I would like one of those. I love seasideish bits. I planned to make a room into a giant beach hut or lighthouse ages ago but haven’t got around to it. Wouldn’t it be lovely to bring the seaside into a room when one can’t be beside the seaside in reality?! Might have to be a downstairs room, though, with all that water and a wave machine and thousands of pebbles and tonnes of sand and a pier and ………… 😉

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