Light box

          I don’t think its a secret that I’m not a great lover of winter, the longer nights, the darker days, the cold and wet.  I sometimes wonder if winter isn’t nature’s way of keeping us indoors and helping the tourist attractions recover in time for the next season’s invasions.  On the other hand, maybe spring wouldn’t be quite so enjoyable and uplifting if we didn’t have winter to spend looking forward to it.

          Either way I do find myself craving spring and the brighter days during the long winter months.  Call it SAD if you need a label but this year I seem to have inadvertently created my very own light box … in my kitchen.

          As the low sun creeps around the house, it leaves the front garden with the hopeful daffodil shoots in shadow and only the very top of the spiky leafless tree can reach high enough to catch its rays through the frost laden air.

          However, the radiator is on in the kitchen, the smell of fresh coffee and home-made cake is one of the best air fresheners around and if I sit on the small bamboo settee placed in the far corner of the kitchen I’m blasted by the natural brightness of the struggling sunshine as it pours through the blinds on the window.

          And of course, if the light box feels a little “Seasideish.”, then even better.

2014-02. Lightbox.

          Anytime you feel the need for a sit in my light box, give me a buzz and I’ll put the coffee on.

           More from before : Happenings in “my kitchen“.

16 thoughts on “Light box

  1. I’m with you on the winter thing… yes, it’s Feb… soon the daffs will be in full bloom… whoopy!!
    Love that light-box… I think I must drag my good lady with me in that direction… you wouldn’t mind two of us for an hour or so… would you? 😉

  2. The short dark days are what get me down. I can kind of cope with rain – can be interesting and fun ……. and cold frosty days can also be interesting. It’s those dark short days that mess me around ….. that turn off the inner optimism switch …… make me irritable and down. Any bit of light is welcome – and soon the early morning and late afternoon sun will once again bathe me in light in this double aspect room where I use my laptop.

    I love your lightbox in the corner of your kitchen. Can I book a couple of hours in it this week – replete with warm radiator, fresh coffee, and a delicious slice of cake? 🙂

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