Pink candle

2014-01. Pink candle.

          A friend of mine in work makes her own candles and Mum-in-law likes to burn candles so an assortment of candles in different pinks and creams was a perfect Christmas present this year.  When I saw this one burning, with the candle melting to cradle the flame I couldn’t resist a picture.


6 thoughts on “Pink candle

    • It is pretty isn’t it. 🙂
      I didn’t see any of the other ones burning or I would probably have snapped them too. I’ll have to get her some more so I can take some more pictures.

  1. Love this shot, love the shades of pink, love the shape, love the shadows & I’m also a fellow candle lover. You’ve captured the flame beautifully it’s wonderful xXx

  2. Oh I like this picture, Sallyann – it looks like some malevolent, pink creature with gaping, pointed jaws and a tongue of fire – it reminds me of the vast creature that the Millenium Falcon flew inside of in Star Wars – and which lunged after the spaceship as it escaped. Adrian 🙂

    • Thanks, I don’t remember the vast creature you speak of, I’m obviously well overdue for a Starwars refresh. 😀
      There is a hint of a sinister shadow on the wall behind the open jaws though . With no sign of a shadow of the vampire like being in the centre.

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