The big move

3. 12-01-2014. Sitting.

          Last night, Pepper spent another night in a strange garden.  He’s already moved from his own garden, (where he “mis-behaved” and followed the cats over the fence to go out to play in the street) to his kitchen, and then again to our garden where he met and made friends with Alice.  Now he’s gone to live with Middle Daughter and her two rabbits, Finx and Tango.

4. 12-01-2014. Washing.

          I say “gone to live with” but as we’ve already seen when Pepper came to live with Alice, it’s not quite that simple.  They have to be introduced gradually and then once the other two rabbits do hopefully accept Pepper into their family circle there will be a slight competition for the garden hierarchy,  Pepper is so placid though that I’m quite certain he’ll just slide easily into whatever slot of the pecking order he is told to. 

97. 2013-04-16.

          Yesterday we hired “a man with a van” and uplifted not just Pepper, but the whole caboodle from my garden, not just the two hutches and run, but all of the trappings which were needed to go with it. 

113. 2013-04-27. Run.

          Poor Middle Daughter’s garden is very full at the moment, not only does she have her own rabbit set up, (which is amazing and, of course, I’ll show you photos in due course) but now she’s got two extra hutches and a second run as well.

97. 2013-04-14. Pepper & Snap.

          The plan is to “bond” Pepper with Finx and Tango and for all three of them to live happily together.  This could be a long process, but with a little luck the three of them will get on wonderfully as soon as they’re put together.  (The dating game begins on Sunday).

          Already he’s shown more interest in the other two rabbits than he has in either me or Hubby over the last two weeks so I’ve no doubt at all that although Hubby and I are going to miss having him around, this is the right move for Pepper.  Hopefully it won’t be long before he’s settled in his new home, with his new friends, and will be just as happy as he was with Alice.

2013-05. Bugs on a rug.

115. 2013-05-03. Pepper in house.



4 thoughts on “The big move

    • Thanks, my garden is sad and empty. 😦
      I have no doubt at all it was the right move for Pepper though. He was visibly going downhill without Alice and perked up almost instantly when he caught sight of the other rabbits.
      We put all three of them together this morning for a short “date” and it went really well.

    • I’m certain it was. I’m doing my part in a “rabbit-sitting” marathon as I write.
      🙂 Things are moving along hoppingly. 😀
      … And the camera? … What a treat!

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