Rabbit grooming.

          At the end of the last post we left the three rabbits in Middle Daughter’s bath, Finx had settled down and the two males, Tango and Pepper had accepted each other, but were still a little standoffish.

          It wasn’t long before the two boys settled too and all three rabbits were huddled together in the bath.

2. Three friends.

          I used to think that the grooming in a partnership of two rabbits was done by the less dominant rabbit as with Middle Daughter’s two rabbits, Finx and Tango.  Finx was most definitely in charge, and Tango was the one who did most of the grooming, although on very rare occasions, Finx has been known to give Tango a small wash, for instance when he spent time away at the vets with a dodgy tummy last year, I guess she was just really pleased to see him back.

          Alice on the other hand, was very much the boss in her and Pepper’s relationship but she did most of the grooming.  I have to admit to being more than a little envious as Alice used to groom me too when I picked her up for a cuddle each morning when I let her out before Pepper arrived, but she was so much happier with another rabbit to play with and that more than made up for it.

          As I said last time, in the bath, Pepper was putting his head down to Finx.  I’m not sure if this was to ask for grooming or to show he wasn’t a threat, but eventually it was Pepper who groomed Finx, just a token groom of two or three licks on her ears, but that seemed to be enough.  Tango on the other hand, was grooming Finx regularly and eventually decided he would accept Pepper enough to groom him too.

3. Grooming Pepper.

          Tango is a lop-eared rabbit and he’s a little rough on the base of the other two’s ears when grooming.  Pepper flinched a few times.  Middle Daughter said that Finx used to flinch too, but not anymore.  She’s not sure if Finx has taught Tango not to be so rough, or if her ears have just toughened up to his harsh grooming.

11. Grooming Finx.

          Things were progressing better than we had hoped for, no aggression shown at all and Tango was quite comfortable grooming both Finx and Pepper in turn.

12. Grooming Tango.

          Eventually Tango decided he needed a clean too, and since no one else seemed to be offering, he groomed himself as well as Finx and Pepper.

          I think this is about where we decided to turn our rabbit’s first date into a marathon to see if we could bond the three rabbits all in one go.

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