Facebook freecycle

          I know Facebook gets a lot of bad press, and a lot of it is very much deserved, but in this case I think they came up trumps.

          I’ve been sort of avoiding the rabbitless garden, the remains of windswept hay and straw screaming from across the grass, the moss  growing up from in between the bricks on the patio mapping out the positions of the missing hutches, the various plant protections, the wooden crates in the flowerbed, the bits of wood wired together to protect the trunk of the tree, the plastic leafy plants poked into the tree-pot to hide the snowdrops, the pink paddling pool near the back fence …

          Oh, didn’t I tell you about the paddling pool ?  Remember the winds, really, how could you forget ?  Well, at sometime during the highest winds we gained a roundish, apple-shaped, childs paddling pool in our garden.  You know the sort, a hard plastic bowl shape, about four feet across and one foot deep.  Actually it was two bowl-shaped pieces stacked together, I’m guessing one was for water for paddling in and the other would be for a sand-pit, or just a cover for the pool when not in use.  I left it in the garden for well over a week, this giant pink blob glaring at Hubby every time he looked out of the kitchen window, but drawing my eyes away from the empty patio each time I glanced that way too.

          Ok, enough with the grumpiness, Hubby has noticed I’ve been avoiding the garden too, and in his nice, manipulative way, had decided that we can afford new patio furniture this payday … so long as there’s somewhere to put it when we get it.

          Back to the Facebook thing.  I’ve joined a number of local groups for buying and selling things locally, a bit like ebay, but with no charges and no postage to pay as you just put a picture of your unwanted article on the group’s wall and if anyone is interested you then discus where and when for them to come and collect it in a private message.  One of those ideas which is so simple its ingenious.

           Anyway, one of the groups is a Freecycle group, a new take on the larger Freecycle groups you can find and join online.  After all, one man’s trash is very often another man’s treasure.

          My old garden furniture was an ex-kitchen/garden table and four chairs, decent enough bits of wood with heavy metal frames.  My Niece passed it in our direction originally, she’d had it as unwanted kitchen furniture and brought it for us for garden furniture – I think the garden bench we had at the time was passed onto Little Sister for her garden so everyone was happy.

          The table and chairs have seen us through many a summer, and the rabbits have sheltered underneath the reassuring heaviness through a good few winters too.  Although I have painted it with garden fence paint once, or possibly even twice a year, the wood on the chairs had become weathered, and the table warped so now would be a good time to replace the large four-seater table with a dainty two-seater instead.

          Since the bits wouldn’t have fitted in our car, I would have had to arrange either for someone to come and pick it up and take it to the tip for me or pay for the council to collect it and dispose of it instead.

          Here’s where the Facebook freecycle came in.  I put a picture on and a description, exaggerating the weatheredness slightly so that anyone wanting it would be pleasantly surprised rather than disappointed, and within hours I had two people asking after it.  By mid-day the next day my old table and chairs were on thier way free to a new home – heading for some tlc and up-cycling – at no cost to either party.

2014-02. Old table and chairs.

           Watch this space to see how I somehow snatch a bit of time between housewifing, decorating and of course working, to potter around in the garden.

          More from before : Goings on in “my garden“.


5 thoughts on “Facebook freecycle

    • The table and chairs were really good in their day, and with a bit of time and attention could be again, but to be honest I’ve been hankering after a smaller two chair set for a while, something I can just rub down with a wire brush and paint with hammerite every other year or so. 🙂
      I’m glad someone’s going to give them a new lease of life, I’ve never liked to see things just thrown away. 🙂

  1. I wish I could link up with you on FB as after our by chance meeting after the Jubilee & you choosing me as a choice Photographic subject in my patriotic mac, I think I’d rather like to arrange a cheeky Costa in the near future & possibly have you come do a different perspective blog for me & capture some memory moments… I’d pm on here but I don’t have a clue SallyAnn so please email me: (e-mail address removed) I can tell you more. Love the fact you upcycled your table so easily, I’ve heard so many people grumble about these groups with time wasting people not collecting or picking up items, you are the first person who’s said anything complementary to these FB groups xXx

    • Facebook connection made, and coffee arranged. 🙂
      I’ve removed your e-mail from your comment though, I wouldn’t like to think that I’ve been the source for you to receive hundreds of unwanted spam mail. 😀

      • Thank you SallyAnn, although who doesn’t get hundreds of spam mail these days anyway?! I do have a great spam filter so would’ve been Ok. See you Monday, have an awesome weekend… Let’s hope this rain clears up before then xXx

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