Aperture attempt

2014-04. Aperture flower.

          Well, as planned, I wandered home from work yesterday morning, pointing my camera this way and that, I played with the macro setting with the dial set for aperture, but I think I struggled with “camera shake”, I managed to catch quite a few shots with the background out of focus, but quite a lot with the foreground out of focus too, if I needed to give myself an excuse I could probably put some of the blame on the shopping bag I was hauling around over my shoulder and possibly the breeze blowing the flowers played a part too, but I guess what I really needed was not to be quite so tired and to try again with my little tripod next time.

          After I deleted all of the photos I wasn’t happy with, this is the one I had left.


5 thoughts on “Aperture attempt

    • Thanks, you can see by the raindrops on the yellow flowers why I kept my shopping bag over my shoulder instead of putting it on the ground next to me. 🙂
      Decorating is taking over again this and next weekend, but I have a two weekends away planned in May, one to Llanberis with Hubby and one to Cardiff with Little Sister so I’ll be sure to charge my batteries before I go – both mine and the camera’s.

  1. Nice image, Sallyann! Has your camera got any in built stabilisation that helps prevent camera shake? Most cameras have these days. It would be good to keep this switched on. It won’t of course do anything about subject movement – flowers in the breeze will still be blurred if your shutter speed is too low – but it will help out with the “shopping bag shakes”!!!!! 🙂 Adrian

    • Thanks Adrian, I have an icon with a hand and two sets of brackets around it which appears on in the Auto setting but I’ve yet to find it in the menu, I’ll keep looking as eliminating the “shopping bag shakes” would probably help a lot.
      Thanks for the tip any technical help is welcome but beware my brain works more like a trifle sponge than a bath sponge now and disintergrates with too much information. 🙂

      • The hand and two sets of brackets, that’s it! If its on auto, it may mean that its only on when the camera thinks its needed >>> it might be better to find it in the menus, and to keep it on at all times. I can take or leave bath sponge – I’m coming clean on this! – but now, trifle sponge >>> you’re really talking!!! 🙂

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