Half way

          I’ve been busy making more little squares, fixing them together into bigger squares and fixing the bigger squares together to make my throw.

          With the “Carefully random” throw I fixed the squares together and by the time I’d finished, it was already huge so adding a border wasn’t an option.  Mum-in-Law asked for a smaller throw so when I’d pieced together the “Pink Caramel” throw I was able to put a border of black squares around the outside to compliment the dividing lines of black that I’d used to sew it all together.  This time with a little more “Progressive planning“, I thought about the border as I went along and incorporated it into the design before its finished.

2014-04. Border.

          I continued making squares and stitching them together watching the throw grow, but when I added the border squares on the one side I realised this made the width too wide for my two-seater settee.

2014-04. Cosy.

          But its ok, the plan is to make it into a rectangle which will end up two-seater settee wide by three-seater settee long so I’ve just turned it around and will add more squares accordingly.

2014-04. Reserved.

          By my calculation as the throw needs to be eight bigger squares long by five bigger squares wide and I’ve stitched together five by four this means I’m half way.  It also means a trip to the wool shop for another ball of each colour to make the other half.

           More from before: A little peek further into the world that I’ve “Created“.


2 thoughts on “Half way

    • Thanks Wazeau, welcome praise from a crochet queen, Once the decorating is finally finished the walls behind the couch will be a toffee cream (according to the tin) and I’m hoping the colours will all melt together nicely. Probably doing a little more decorating and a little less squares would move this process along a little quicker. 😀

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