Biting the bullet

          I’ve finally cut the grass in the rabbitless back garden,  a unenjoyable chore at the best of times, but a chore I could put off no longer. Not even Hubby’s attempt to entice me back out into the garden with new patio furniture had worked and the grass grew, along with the weeds, threatening to take hold of my flowerbeds.

          Little bushes and shrubs for sale are appearing on stands around the shops and on Thursday night while I worked my mind wandered into the little side flowerbed at home.  Alice and Pepper between them had demolished two of my hebe bushes and the two remaining ones were very stunted as they hadn’t enjoyed life in their protective crates.  the one other bush, which obviously didn’t taste so good, was a little bedraggled but holding its own. On Friday morning after work and before breakfast with mum-in-law I set about possibly the only piece of garden which didn’t really need my attention. I pulled up the little wooden border from around the side flowerbed,  moved the remaining bushes to new positions nearer the shed wall and working mainly with my back to the offendingly empty grass, filled a small trench with stones as a base for my loose brick wall before I set off for breakfast.

          Afterwards, on my way back through town I bought a matching little bush from the “Friday morning” market which I planted and watered well before setting off to bed for a few hours.

2014-04. Side bed.

          Saturday was a day taken up with unexpected emergencies (all’s well that ends well)  but on Sunday morning I could put it off no longer and finally dragged the lawnmower out of the shed.

          I attacked the offending grass with the mower set to the shortest setting, ripping out the moss which had dared to raise its head in my mowing absence and grimaced at the number of dandelions. delicacies from a previous era, which now reached for the sky, unhindered.

          Finally after much too-ing and fro-ing and emptying of grass boxes I have a clean canvas to work with.

          As for the “Blank canvas” I created for myself in the front garden – that’s another story I haven’t quite gotten around to writing yet either.

           More from before : Goings on in “my garden“.


2 thoughts on “Biting the bullet

  1. I’m sure that was hard at first. It should get a little easier now. Looking forward to seeing/hearing about your front garden “blank canvas.” 🙂

    • Thanks Robin, no pictures from the front garden yet, the grass came up a little more sparsely that expected, and the daffodils, looking a bit like single soldiers, hadn’t really got over their crowded conditions for the last few years.
      A lot of tlc for the grass is needed over the next few months and some extra feed for the daffodils as they are dying back and then hopefully masses of pictures to look forward to next spring. 😀

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