Didcot decommissioned

2. Didcot Power Station.

          Remember the Didcot Power Station cooling towers, this picture shown before in “There and back again”  I travelled to Cardiff and back in January 2012 when the power station was still working and the steam still poured out of the towers.  I said then that I would return for another picture when I had chance and take a picture from the railway bridge you can see in the picture.

          In February of this year the chance arose and leaving my baggage with my fellow passengers in the waiting room, I trotted off towards the towers.

2014-02. Didcot towers.

          Don’t let the beautiful blue sky deceive you, it was cold.  However, I was well wrapped up and didn’t mind putting up with a little coldness to catch the towers while they were still there.

          Since we are looking at the almost clear blue skies, have you noticed something missing ?   The steam.  The Power station has been decommissioned, March last year was the last time it worked I believe.

          The towers are due to be levelled, it’s going to be blown up, I’ve been looking online and can’t find an exact date yet, but the rumours are it’s going to be a Sunday in June so maybe I can persuade Hubby to pop along with me and my camera.

          Either way, I think I need just one more visit with the camera before June, maybe I can paint the towers in a prettier light than they are surrounded by the carpark as in the picture from the footbridge.


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