Camera window

2014-04. Radcliffe Camera.

          Not quite the usual picture of the Radcliffe Camera building in Oxford, we ducked into The University Church of St Mary the Virgin on High Street (on the left if you’re heading from the Cornmarket Street end) and climbed upstairs to the balcony.  Apart from being close enough to the stained glass windows to actually touch them, we got to glimpse this wonderful view of the Camera from upstairs.

          The leaded window was made up of small panes of very imperfect glass and so the varying textures have given a patchwork effect to the whole picture.

          The church itself is well worth a visit in its own right, on a busy touristy Saturday afternoon in May is not really the best time to go to see it so I’ll be back on a quieter day to show you more of those touchable glass windows, oh, and to take a climb to the top of the tower for a look around too.

2014-04. St. Mary Church.

          While I’m there I’ll drop into the little cafe next door, again it looked wonderful, what I could see of it past the crowds on our first Sunny Saturday Bank Holiday weekend of the year.

2011-08. Advert bike 2.

           More from before : Out and about in “Oxford


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