Accidental diagonal

          I mentioned a while back that I’d made a throw for Youngest Daughter too, but at the time I was waiting until I was safely past her birthday as to not spoil the surprise.  Well now it’s well and truly past her birthday and the pictures have been patiently sitting on my desktop waiting their turn in the limelight so here they are.

2013-05. Walnut & wine colours.

          Trying to arrange to meet Youngest Daughter at the wool shop to choose her colours turned out to be an almost impossible task so in the end I managed to narrow her down to a choice of burgundy and brown with cream and set out all the different options at the wool shop, snapping them all with the camera on my phone under the lights on the counter.  Finally we had a choice of colours, walnut for the brown and claret for the burgundy, and as for the design, the only specification I was given was that she didn’t like the large squares, the ones in the “Carefully Random” throw which counted at 12 trebles down each side.

2014-01. Walnut & wine squares.

          As usual, I had no idea of what the design would turn out like, I made three squares of the three main colours, just six trebles square and sat to ponder what to do next.  Eventually, as you can see by the picture, as the claret colour was the brightest, I decided to stitch them together with the walnut, and make four small squares as the fourth colour using two cream,  this balanced out nicely.

          Of the next stage there’s no picture, at least not one I can find, I seem to have either thought I’d taken it and forgotten, or just lost it. If I was a betting person, my odds would be on the first option.

          Use your imagination and put four of these larger squares on the floor together to make an even bigger one. Now add to your imagination my liking of lines and patterns and you will see that by putting them side by side the little brown and burgundy squares sit side by side with the bigger ones.  Not good, not good at all.  I contemplated undoing the brown stitching and starting again, but on turning the squares I had this way and that I came up with a surprising result.  If the two diagonally opposite larger squares are turned 180 degrees to the other, the whole pattern takes on a different design completely and diagonal lines of squares flow through the whole throw.

          Happy with my design I set off to make the throw for Christmas with the other two I was making for Middle Daughter and Mum-in-Law, but the mice and men again had different ideas with my plans and Youngest Daughter had to wait until her birthday last month for the finished gift.

2014-03. Claret pancakes.

          After Christmas and with a race to the finish I made a pile of each colour in turn to make sure I had enough wool.  It was also at about this time I started a new diet (which is going surprisingly well) so my mind was a little preoccupied with food.  Do these look like little crocheted pancakes to you?  And the colours chosen, do they remind you of chocolate and raspberry icecream?

          And then finally … the finished article …

2014-03. Accidental diagonal throw.
          More from before: A little peek into the world that I’ve “Created“.


9 thoughts on “Accidental diagonal

  1. That’s really lovely, if you replaced the raspberry colour with a lime green this would look lovely in my lounge. This must’ve taken an age to make but it is so wonderful & looks perfect with the cushion too xXx

    • Thanks, I bought the cushion for Hubby a few birthdays ago. The decorating was burgundy and blue at the time but since it doesn’t clash with the yellow and orange I’m doing now it can stay. 🙂

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