Musée du Louvre

          I’m still sorting through and backing up my Paris holiday snaps from October 2013.   Lets go through the arch and strike a few poses …

2013-10. Through the arch.

          I wonder, was this pose chosen by the model or the photographer …

2013-10. Posing.

          And look closely at the romantic couple looking into each other’s eyes under the street lamp.  Again, posed for the photographer who kept adjusting the angle of the lady’s head for his shot.  The family holiday snap will probably provide a much more relaxed memory.

2013-10. Romance.

          If you do fancy a dip into the museum itself, be sure to bring a packed lunch, and maybe a chair … look at the length of the queue, it goes off the side of the photo.

27. Long queue.

          What ?  No packed lunch ?  Ok, got that covered too.

          With your back to the “Marmite Pyramid”  walk forward slightly and turn to your right, go through the first arch on the left of the next picture and look out for some escalators on your left, take a trip  down one level to the food mall.  Great variety, they’ve got everyone pretty much covered, and something I found pretty scarce in Paris, decent public toilets too.

2013-10. Food mall.

          After you’re fully refreshed, drop down to the next level of the shops and not only will you be in for a treat as you look upwards from the base of the pyramid, look at the queue to go into the Louvre down here, it’s pretty much non-existent.

2013-10. Underground queue.

           More from before: “Paris” … and not just in the springtime.


2 thoughts on “Musée du Louvre

    • You’re very welcome, I enjoyed the re-visit.
      To me Paris is really beautiful and I could quite happily spend forever there with my camera…
      Apart from the toilet facilities…. Eeeuggh!

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