For Alice

12. For Alice.

          This is more or less where I was standing when I heard the sad news that Alice was finally no more.  My feet were wandering through a park where I had spent many a happy childhood hour heading towards the beach, my hands were snapping away with the camera while my eyes tried to find something cheerful to look at.  Eldest Daughter and Little Sister had walked on ahead to give me a few moments quiet time with the news I received by phone, unable to reach out and hold Alice for just one last time.  I looked around for something to hold her memory with a happier thought at a later date and somehow the camera took this picture on its own.

          I’ve another visit to see Little Sister this weekend and I might, or might not re-visit the park this time, but when I finally do this will be Alice’s spot and I’ll remember the happy times with a smile.

          This one’s for “Alice“.

6 thoughts on “For Alice

    • Thanks, the photo has been waiting in the files until I could post it with a smile.
      I’m heading off on the train in a few hours and the sun is shining so now seemed like a good time. 🙂

    • Thanks, her new companion, Pepper, pined so much we thought we were going to lose him too but we found him a new home with Middle Daughter and her two rabbits. It’s a real delight to see the three rabbits running and jumping together in her garden.

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