2014-05. Sixty-two.

          No not forty-two, the answer to life, the universe and everything (thank you Douglas Adams), but sixty-two, the answer to how many squares have I had to replace around the outside border of my throw.

          Hmmn, that’s right, replace.  That’ll teach me to buy all the wool I need in one go, I really should have known better but since I was only making one square at a time I didn’t really think it would matter so much if the dye number changed slightly.  However, the black wool I’ve been using to make the border was thicker than all of the other colours and noticeable so (to me anyway) but when I ran out of the latest ball and bought another one, the new dye number is the same thickness as the other colours.

          The perfectionist in me is actually happier with the new black squares being the same size so it’s no big deal really.  I’m still using the old black squares for the thirty-five centres of the larger squares made up of nine smaller ones, and I’ll save another thirty-five for the centres of the squares in the partner throw, but along with the sixty-two new black ones, I’ve made thirty-four gold and twenty-four claret, twenty-eight copper and twenty-four meadow, twenty-four sunshine and thirty khaki, and twenty-four each of walnut and spice.

          To my calculations that’s three hundred and fifteen little squares.

          Now all I have to do is finish putting them all together and I have one of the throws for my living room … and then I can start all over again.

          More from before: A little peek into the world that I’ve “Created“.


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