Swallow Falls

1. Swallow Falls.

          As usual, we passed though Betws-y-Coed on our way to Llanberis, and again as usual, we promised ourselves that we would stay in the area at sometime.

          We’d left home earlier in the day than any of our trips to the mountain before so found ourselves a little time to stop at Swallow Falls on the way.  Following the A5 out of Betws towards Llanberis, keep a lookout for the Swallow Falls Hotel on your left, we didn’t drop into the hotel, but pulled into the lay by opposite and parked up for a short while there.

2. Swallow Falls Hotel.

          The views of the fall were as spectacular as imagined, albeit from man-made stages where the health and safety brigade had had their say, but well worth a quick stop and another visit when I’ve mastered the shutter speed settings a little more.

6. Falls.

          The falls weren’t at their most powerful on the day we passed them, but you can still see the swallowtails which I imagine gave it its name.

5. Swallow tails.

          And of course the water splashes …

7. Swallow splashes.

          I think this one’s my favourite, a dainty little purple flower standing against all that water power in the background.

8. Swallow flower.

          And since Hubby’s got a good camera on his new phone, I’ll have to watch out from behind too now.

11. Middle stage.

           More from before : posts about “Llanberis“, “Betws-y-Coed” and other walks in “Snowdonia“.


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