Rain daisies

2014-05. Rain daisy.

          The daffodils have almost died back in the grass verges around here and the greenery which has been left around them by the cutters is almost ready to go, usually there are masses of common daisies which take the opportunity to grow to sunflower proportions but this year the buttercups have grown in abundance instead.

          Friday morning I had my umbrella to hand, expecting to be deluged by the remnants of the over-night down-pour but was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by sunshine as I left work.

          I normally gather a bunch of the daisies, her favourite flower, for Eldest Daughter but there were so few to be seen this year that I left them to be shared by anyone else who was looking too and settled for a couple of pictures instead.

2014-05. Rain daisies.


2 thoughts on “Rain daisies

    • They are really beautiful at this size, I love daffodils and the way they herald spring, but enjoy looking out for the giant daisies when the daffs are finished too. 🙂

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