IMG_1754. Gaudi.

          I think you would be forgiven for thinking that Antonio Gaudi designed and built all of Barcelona.   He is everywhere, well, actually the man himself died in 1926 but his designs live on in the buildings, and building, of today.

          Of course Gaudi’s work forms a good part of the tourist trail in Barcelona,  but it would seem that even before we reached our first stop on that trail that I was already a fan.

          As we entered the lower end of Passeig de Gràcia, the street which was to lead us to “Casa Batlló“, I was instantly pointing the camera at the floor tiles, hexagonal shapes decorated with intricate patterns.  The floor was almost too pretty to walk on, but here it was, just a floor, some tiles were cracked, some just so worn away by the passing feet that they were almost unrecognisable. 

2014-06. Gaudi paving stones.

          I remember saying to Hubby that it would look better in the rain, the water would enhance the patterns and make them easier to see.  Then of course, I had to stop and point the camera down again after the obliging rain from our first day had left one of the prettiest puddles I’ve seen in a long time.

2014-06. Puddle tiles.

        It would seem that I wasn’t the only person who liked the tiles, or who thought they would look better wet.  On another day as we walked along the same street, people looked on in wonder as a woman poured her two litre bottle of water onto the floor in front of her.  Hubby and I knew exactly what she was up to though and a glance back over our shoulders saw her crouching low with her camera.

          The first picture in this post was taken with the assistance of another attraction, the “4D Gaudi Experience“.  We didn’t feel the need to visit the attraction, but I’m glad we popped into the gift shop to take a peek.  The life-size model of Gaudi was sitting on a replica bench from inside the “Park Guell” with a backdrop of another of his designs, the “Sagrada Família”  (I’ll add more links here as soon as I do more posts).  This was provided for visitors to the attraction to take home a photographic memory of themselves sitting alongside Gaudi and the setting itself was too good to resist.

          Another gift available to purchase is what first showed me the tiles had been designed by Gaudi as well. I did consider buying one as a coaster for my coffee mug, but on turning it over and spotting the price I figured the replica tile would need a little more looking after than a coffee cup coaster would get.

2014-06. Gaudi ceramic tiles.

          More from before : Basking in “Barcelona“, June 2014.


16 thoughts on “Gaudi

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    • Thanks, if the puddle hadn’t been there I would have probably been the strange woman pouring her water away.
      I did wonder about the leaves, it wasn’t even full summer let alone autumn and they were falling all around us.
      When we got home, our little mountain ash tree in the pot was a bit dehydrated, I gave it a bucket of water to drink and most of the leaves recovered. Some are a little too brown and crispy though and it looks like they’ll still fall.
      Maybe the trees in Barcelona were just conserving their water.

  2. We have the fridge magnet of his church / cathedral. It was only after a long time that I realised that it’s a completed artists impression, from something like the year 2026, so I have no clue as to what it really looks like now. Could be a right building site.

    • It is still very much a building site., give me a little while longer and I’ll post the pictures I did manage to take. with some strategically placed bushes and trees, it’s starting to look pretty good.
      I’d be interested to see a picture of the finished artist impression if you’re posting one. 🙂

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    • If you do go, with your dislike of crowds, then head for a mid-week break. Monday and Tuesday a lot of things shut, but on Wednesday and Thursday the Barcelona world wakes up for a couple of relaxing days before the weekenders arrive. Oh and take a floppy hat and suncream to make use of the siesta time when only mad dogs and Englishmen are out in the mid day sun. 🙂

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