Casa Batlló

          Ok, lets hit the tourist trail.  Hubby bought a lonely planet pocket-book on Barcelona, and if we head off to another new destination I’ll be looking out for another lonely planet book for there too.  I have to admit that I dismissed it at first, not enough pictures for me, but Hubby is a words person and thought it was great, during the time we were away I came to agree with him, we wouldn’t have found half of the hidden gems we did without it.

2014-06. Casa Batllo.

         For our first proper “Gaudi” experience we headed to Casa Batllo,  an apartment block renovated and refurbished for the affluent clientele of the time.  Such a strange sight awaited us, I’d seen pictures of the building, and glanced at the postcards on passing, but was amazed how much in awe I was on arrival.  Hubby just kept saying “who on earth would want to live in a place like that” ..

2014-06. Mask balconies.

          The outside of the building was a treat for the camera in itself, I mean, I’m a huge fan of straight lines and order, but this blew any preconceptions I had out of the water.

          I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed the nonconformity of it all, the quirky curvyness, the strange and peculiar.

2014-06.Casa Batllo main window.

          Unfortunately I wasn’t the only one who wanted to admire the building and capture it on camera, but Hubby was really patient as I found the view(s) I wanted, and stood waiting for a gap in the crowd.

          I’m not sure what time of day would be best to avoid the crowd, the building is supposed to be prettily lit at night but I didn’t make it back for a light show.  We did however, add to the crowd and join the queue to go in, a bit pricy, but I absolutely guarantee you, if you like the outside, the inside is not to be missed.

2014-06. Photographing crowds.

           More from before : Basking in “Barcelona“, June 2014.


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