Casa Batlló outside

          Lets go through to the courtyard first shall we, it’s a lovely day and “Gaudi” had fun designing the back of the building too.

2014-06. Courtyard.

          The two tiles walls you can see at floor-level have rock gardens and water features in them, I did try to catch a picture of them but the health and safety brigade had beaten me too it and the mesh made them look very un Gaudi-like and quite ugly so the pictures didn’t quite make the cut.

          However, if you glance behind you before you return indoors, you can see the flower boxes in the far wall opposite the building, they reminded me of butterflies, a much better sight.

2014-06. Flowerpots.

          If you want to see further up, then I’m afraid it’s a trip up one of the many staircases.  Wonderful staircases as they are, I expect the residents often wished Gaudi had installed a lift instead of at least one of them.

2014-06. Spiral staircase.

          Lets take a peek or two out of the central windows at the balconies in the main light shaft.  Don’t look down too fast if the height bothers you, but it is worth a peep or two.

2014-06. Looking down.

          How about looking up instead, you can see the glass ceiling which keeps the rain out and lets the sunlight in.

2014-06. Looking up.

          One more stop before the rooftop, we’ll step out onto one of the balconies to take a look down at the courtyard before going any further.

2014-06. Balcony view.

          And finally we’ve arrived at the rooftop, aren’t they wonderful chimneys ?

2014-06. Chimney pots.

          Oh, before you go, one last peep over the side wall, even the roof tiles are pretty.

2014-06. Roof tiles.

           More from before : Basking in “Barcelona“, June 2014.


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