la Ramblas



          Did you notice anything strange about the first two photos ?   Take another look …


          Yes, they’re still there.

          The Ramblas is a wide pedestrian street running from the “Plaça de Catalunya“, a busy square at pretty much the centre of Barcelona to the sea.  If people watching is your thing, then on the busier tourist times, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, there is no shortage of activity on this street for you to enjoy.  You’ll find trinket stalls, street entertainers, and plenty of restaurant tables and chairs for you to just sit and watch the world and his wife go by.

          Not all the watchers are sitting though, I spotted this couple when I climbed onto the wall of the metro at the top of the street as a vantage point to catch the crowds on camera, exactly what this couple were doing too, only they were using moving pictures and when they play their pictures back (at, I expect, faster than normal speed) then I’m guessing their pictures will be pretty entertaining.


           More from before : Basking in “Barcelona“, June 2014.

6 thoughts on “la Ramblas

  1. I think they were just standing around waiting to be seen… you’ve got enough pics of them!!

    Look back at the top photo. I stopped and had a second look because at first I thought the fellow was on crutches… flimsy yes… 😉

    All those people will drive me to drink!! Lots of drink in a cool, dark taverna somewhere where no tourists go!! 😉

    • Ah yes, I see the crutches.
      I agree, the couple with the tripod were deffinitely seen. At first i just wished they would get out of my way, but then when I realised what they were doing I will admit to being a little fascinated. Take another look, but this time look at the people in the background… the lady with the yellow t-shirt and the back pack, the man with the black t-shirt, short hair and sunglassed on his head,,
      Now imagine all the pictures on a recording instead of just separate shots and play them back to yourself in your mind.
      The two people will seem to almost stand still while the rest of the world buzzes past at a hectic rate. I guess this made me think of how my life works in general.
      It has to be said though, that as busy as Barcelona was, (after all it is a city) they were very considerate crowds, I just held onto Hubby and tagged along and I don’t recall being jostled in my bubble even once. 🙂

  2. Fascinating – I hope those two enjoyed their film, though the concept seems a little superficial and overdone. But you’re very right about how your life works. I don’t know anything about your life of course, but that struck me as a very clairvoyant, as in clear seeing, thought, Hallysann. A thought for us all, maybe. A 🙂

    • I gave up trying to keep up with the rest of the world. I struggled hard to hold on but after a stint of panic attacks decided it wasn’t working and just let it go. I sometimes wonder if I’m missing out but then sometimes I wonder if those living life at a faster pace are the ones missing out. 🙂

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