Running wild

          Hubby and Middle Daughter are completely mad … Last Saturday it was a lovely sunny day, perfect for a trip to the seaside and what did they choose to do instead.  They spend a couple of hours running 10k, under and over obstacles in a muddy field or two at the 2014 Vision Wild Run.

          Eldest Daughter came along for the ride and I gave her the job of pointing the little red camera at anything and everything (we went for quantity instead of quality with the theory that by catching the mad people on film as many times as we could then we would stand a better chance of catching them doing something good).  I had my black camera too and between us we did pretty well but I’m still a little uncomfortable with the grey areas of showing people photos so the best ones are not for me to share, but I’ll show you the event so you can join in the FUN ?

          Of course, all events of this type start with a safety briefing, usually given by one of the organisers …

3. Wild run. 2014-07.

          The starting times are staggered in groups at about twenty minutes or so apart, depending on how big the event is and how many people are running.  Twenty minutes was quite comfortable for the size of the event, I guess it’s not much fun when you’re soaking wet and covered in mud to have to queue at each obstacle.  We only spotted a tiny amount of waiting and that was because the person in front had got stuck and needed help.

          The race was divided into two lenghts, 5k and 10k.  Everyone ran the 5k course which was set up pretty central to the event, then the 10k runners were diverted before the finish into a local farmer’s field where a second set of obstacles were laid out.  We couldn’t follow the whole race, or see all of the obstacles and missed out on a whole chunk of the 10k run, hidden away in the distance of the farmer’s field but we worked out a couple of good vantage points for the ones we could get to and waited for our mad runners to arrive.  They’d already been through a couple before they reached us and had brought a little of the mud forward with them.

28. Wild run. 2014-07.

          As the spectators we couldn’t view all of the obstacles, the event had its own official photographers too and  more photos online for you to purchase, at a price.

37. Wild run. 2014-07.

          Next time I take Eldest Daughter along with the second camera, I must remember to wear something a little more flattering as it would seem my ploy of hiding behind the camera doesn’t work if there are two.

106. Wild run. 2014-07.

          Our plan of having two cameras paid off here though as there was no way we would keep up with our mad runners from one obstacle to the next so Eldest Daughter snapped away at the sea-saws, and I lay in wait at the rope swings.

111. Wild run. 2014-07.

          Gotcha !  There I am again, this time holding my camera on the point at the top of the gate post to use it as a make-shift tripod for a little practice with some earlier runners with some long-distance focusing far away into the farmer’s field.

123. Wild run. 2014-07.

          Ah, here they are, after pulling themselves up on a rope to scale the tyres on the other side, they clamber down over some hay bales to reach the ground.

138. Wild run. 2014-07.

          And after a few more hay bales stand triumphant at the top of the slide, the last obstacle before the finish line.

149. Wild run. 2014-07.

                    SPLASH !

152. Wild run. 2014-07.

          If you’ve enjoyed this mud run, drop back to see Hubby in “Xtreme” when he entered the X-runner event in September last year.  Oh, and if you’re still wanting more mud, then drop into “Penn Festival”  where we went to a wedding back in July 2012.  Maybe Hubby caught some type of mud-bug there that I escaped

          Thanks to Eldest Daughter for the extra photos.


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