Plaça de Catalunya

          Remember the busy tourist street “La Ramblas“?  The one with the port at the bottom end?  Well, at the top end of the pedestrian section you’ll find a huge square with not just one fountain, but two, also flowers and sculptures to feast your eyes upon, and plenty of places to people watch, or to just sit and smell the roses.

2014-07. Pigeon girls.

          Oh, and possibly more pigeons than at Trafalgar Square.  (Although speaking as someone – actually as one of two someone’s- who spent a weekend in London to see a show and didn’t manage to find Trafalgar Square, some would say I’m not the best qualified to make that comparison- but that’s another story).

2014-07. Pigeon selfie.

          Our hotel, “Hotel Jazz” was pretty near the top of La Ramblas so this square was one of the landmarks I eventually used to find my way around.

2014-07. Budda pigeons.

          Bearing in mind that we were holidaying at the start of the world cup and although Hubby only wanted to see a few well-chosen matches, there are only so many sports bars a girl wants to visit on holiday and although it took me most of the week to find the confidence,  I eventually left Hubby with the football for a while and wandered off to our square with the camera.

          I took plenty of pictures of the statues and flowers on that visit, but on this stop I enjoyed the people (and pigeon) watching.

2014-07 Statue boy.

          I guess boys will always be boys, can you see him trying to climb one of the more modern statues while his dad looked on ?

          And on the same note, mum’s will always be mum’s, in another shot of the two little girls I caught a mum in the corner with her camera.  I wonder if I was in her shot too ?

2014-07. Pigeon mum & boy.

           More from before : Basking in “Barcelona“, June 2014.


4 thoughts on “Plaça de Catalunya

  1. Wonderful street photography, Sallyann. 🙂 I dunno. I’ve been to Trafalgar Square and I think it’s a toss up as to where you’ll find the most pigeons. lol!

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