Park Guell

2014-07. PARK GUELL.

          Park Guell, well, I took an unbelievable amount of photos in here but for now let me just give you a peek at the outside while I’m still sorting through the others.

2014-07. Gift shop.

          The gatekeeper’s houses on either side of the main front entrance made me think of gingerbread houses topped with icing.  I still can’t quite believe “Gaudi” was actually given permission to build such way-out buildings and have started to wonder what sort of thing I would build if I was given the chance.  Quite possibly something a little similar, I’m enjoying the mosaic patchwork effect, but I think I would probably include a few more straight lines, I do like straight lines.

          Watch out for the yellow and black taxi in the next picture ?   Those little “Wasps” got everywhere.

2014-07. Museum.

          If you’re venturing out to Park Guell, there are two metro stops near by.  Now here we consulted Hubby’s pre-holiday purchase, his lonely planet book, and it suggested we arrive at the Vallcara metro stop, walk through the park, and then return via the lesseps stop.  The reason for this is that Park Guell is on the top of a hill, a hill with a brilliant view, but a very high hill.  The walk to the top of the hill from the Vallcara metro stop is “eased” as they put it, by escalators.

IMG_2198. Escalators.

          However, there is still a lot of walking in between the escalators so be warned that if you’re not up to the climb, then it’s probably best to get a taxi from one of the metro stops, I’m sure one of those will buzz you up to the top in no time.

IMG_2199. Steep street up.

          At the top of the final escalator we were greeted by this sign.  Quite a good hustle I thought, nicely put but we’d been pre-warned by Hubby’s little book and had brought our picnic with us, however, even though the food available at the eatery in the park was obvously sold at tourist prices, there were plenty of bottles of ice cold water on sale from street vendors, who entertainingly were playing cat and mouse with the police on patrol inside.  I guess they didn’t have licences to pedal their wares.

IMG_2203. Guell warning.

           More from before : Basking in “Barcelona“, June 2014.


9 thoughts on “Park Guell

  1. Park Guell is wonderful isn’t it? The seats around the park are made up of many pieces of coloured tiles and glass which Gaudi asked his assistants to pick up from around the city on their way to work and back. The whole park was also intended to be a model village, with a market and homes all in the Gaudi style, but unfortunately the money ran out. Those Smurf-like buildings and Gaudi’s home are all that they managed to build.
    Did you notice that the park’s name is also in English (park) rather than Spanish (parque) or Catalan (parc)?
    If you want to read more about Gaudi and Barcelona, I can highly recommend Barcelona by Robert Hughes. It’s still the best history of the city and its artists (I live there so I should know!).

    • I must admit to being a “tag along tourist” this time, Barcelona was very much Hubby’s dream holiday. A city and beach holiday wouldn’t have been my first choice, but after seeing how beautiful Barcelona is, it won me over and I’ll be quite happy to tag along for another trip. 🙂

    • Thankyou, now that I have managed to entice your imagination to the top of the hill, hold that thought and I’ll take you for a wander around inside the park in a day or so as I sort through the pictures. 🙂

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