Ka-boom !

2014-07. Didcot butterflies.

          Sometime between 3am and 5am this morning (British summertime) this picture will change forever.

          When the daylight arrives at Didcot in the morning, the six cooling towers of the Didcot Power Station will be just three.

          More from before : “Didcot” – Powerful pictures.

3 thoughts on “Ka-boom !

  1. We were there from 2.45am, sitting on the big hill above Wittenham Clumps together with thousands of other watchers of all ages on hillsides all around Didcot who waited patiently (mostly) until exactly 5am, as the sky was getting lighter towards dawn by the minute. Just when we all thought something had gone wrong and nothing was going to happen, and without siren, flare or any other warning, a large cloud of dust appeared at the base of the three towers, they all majestically sank into this cloud in perfect synchronisation, and a loud ‘boom’ followed the event about three seconds later. As we finally left the area in large traffic queues almost an hour later, the cloud still obscured the whole area where the towers had stood
    Definitely an ‘I was there’ event ….

    • Thankyou for stopping by and updating the story for me.
      My picture was taken at Wittenham Clumps yesterday. I can only imagine the atmosphere of so many people watching and waiting for the ka-boom. My wanderings with the camera yesterday took me from Oxford to Appleford by train and then onto the Wittenhams on foot via the Thames Path. My lack of personal transport hindered the possibility of the early morning vigil but it’s nice that think that the landmark was seen off by so many people. 🙂

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