Rabbit ear

          I had a post planned here about the rabbit era in my garden, but after the last few days the title of the post has changed slightly, and the location changed also, to Middle Daughter’s garden.

          Below is a picture of Finx and Tango,  you’ve met before and I think I’ve mentioned that “Princess Finx” is in charge of the whole garden.

2014-07. Tango & Finx.

          Unfortunately, it appears that what we thought was a successful bonding of Pepper into the group has gone a little pear shaped.

          The boys have been bickering of late, maybe it all stems from Tango having a short stay at the vets a couple of  months ago, maybe the patience has worn a little thin during the hot weather,  who knows, but there has been the odd scuffle or two and then this weekend the scuffles broke out into a fight, ending in Tango getting a bite on the ear.

2014-07. Tango.

          After a visit to the vets on Monday it now appears that both boys have been giving as good as they got.  They look a little strange with bits of fur shaved off here and there to allow for easy cleaning and healing of various cuts, bites and broken skin,  nothing too major and everything should heal nicely.  which is probably a lot more than can be said for the trio’s relationship.

          Pepper has been separated into his old hutch for now so that everyone can do their physical healing.  What will happen after that is another hop into the unknown.

          I’ll keep you posted.

2014-07. Pepper.

2 thoughts on “Rabbit ear

    • Oh, they can fight quite nastily when they think they need to. they might be at the bottom of their food chain, but they have surprisingly sharp and strong claws and teeth.
      Thankfully no huge damage was done to either of them. 🙂

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