Sagrada Família

          A little more “Gaudi” maybe ?

          After we’d left the “Casa Batlló”  we headed off towards the Sagrada Família.  Hubby’s Lonely Planet book gave us directions to walk in the area pointing out interesting stops along the way.  Our first view of Sagrada Família was from the rear and I wasn’t as impressed as I gathered I should be, to me it didn’t look as fairy-taleish as I had thought it would.

2014-06. Sagrada Família

          As we got closer I could see that this was the back of the church, one of the more recently built parts.  The amount of visitors and length of the queues immediately put us off going inside on this visit.  However, once I’d explained to the hot and tired people standing in line that I didn’t want to push in front of them, I only wanted to move closer to the railings to take a better photo, I managed to take a couple of shots of the building work in progress.

2014-06. Sagrada Família doorway.

2014-06. Sagrada Família raw statues.

          Now I have no idea what the actual making of such a building entails, but I was amazed at how rough the whole thing looked, again, not at all what I had expected, huge chunks of stone just stuck together, nothing at all like what I expected a Gaudi building to look like.

          We walked around the outside of the building towards the front and I snapped a couple more shots, using the sun in an attempt to obscure the scaffolding and cranes in the picture.

2014-06. Sagrada Família cranes.

          Once we arrived at the front and I squeezed through yet more crowds, I could see some resemblance to the picture I had somehow managed to catch in my head.

2014-06. Sagrada Família crowds.

          Moving further away, walking around to the other side of a small lake and manoeuvring myself to use a few strategically placed trees and bushes, the building looked more like I had imagined.  By the time it’s finished, it won’t look as if someone’s build a fairy castle, it will look more like the fairy castle has erupted out of the earth under its own power.

2014-06. Sagrada Família finished front.

          In the meantime, the old and new do look very strange sitting next to each other.  I’m guessing the inside is beautiful, but the crowds made my mind up to visit another day.  Hubby is more than happy to return, to Barcelona at the first chance he can get, but not liking cities so much I’m quite happy to tag along, but not just yet.

          The forecasted date for the Sagrada Família to be finished is 2026, which coincides nicely with the anniversary of Gaudi’s death so I think we’ll aim for another Barcelona holiday in about another twelve years.  A lot can happen in twelve years, but that’s the plan, and at least we’ll have a while to save up.

2014-06. Sagrada Família contrast.

           More from before : Basking in “Barcelona“, June 2014.

2 thoughts on “Sagrada Família

  1. It’s beautiful. I like your description of what the final result will be (” it will look more like the fairy castle has erupted out of the earth under its own power”). It does seem that way from your beautiful images. 🙂

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