Join me for an evening of toe-tapping entertainment in Barcelona.

2014-06. Stairway.

          Follow me to the top of the stairs and through a doorway to a small cave-like room and take a seat in the dimly lit tablao, the chairs are arranged around the small stage almost within touching distance of the entertainers.

2014-06. Tablao Cordobes.

          The glass lighting sends shards of orange and white light out across the room as we wait, anticipation building, for the lights to dim further and the entertainment to begin.

2014-06. Ceiling.

          No photos during the show please, the dancers  will let you know when the show is at an end and you may snap away until your heart’s content during the encore.

          There’s no story to the flamenco show, just let yourself listen to the rhythm of the guitars and the pain and joy, the crying and laughter of the singing, watch the dancers share their emotions through their movements as they display anguish and enjoyment, sorrow and happiness, and of course, watch the feet tapping away on the boarded stage and the fingers clicking and hands clapping.

          Sit back and absorb the show, feel free to tap your toes or gently clap along as you experience the magic, the mystery, the excitement …

2014-06. Legs & spots.

2014-06. Spots.

2014-06. Long hair.

2014-06. Passion.

2014-06. Prince.

2014-06. Large lady.
           More from before : Basking in “Barcelona“, June 2014.


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