Wine and dine

          After last night’s “Flamenco” entertainment, perhaps you’d also like to join me for lunch on the beach…

2014-06. Lunchtime view.

          There are still quite a few vacant seats available, although not many in the shade.

          Perhaps a little more style with your meal ?

2014-06. Wine and dine.

          Although they don’t seem to be very busy at this time of day either.

          Maybe we should just grab a waffle from one of the many stalls on “La Ramblas” and eat later this evening instead.

2014-06. Waffle.

          After all, the locals think we’re either all “Mad dogs” or Englishmen for being out in the mid-day sun while they huddle in the shade playing dominoes.

2014-06. Dominoes.

           More from before : Basking in “Barcelona“, June 2014.


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