I think Thrupp is a great name for a little village, it sort of rolls off the tongue with a smile. Another I love is an area called Splott, in Cardiff, for the same reason, although I have heard it pronounced “Sploe” by the more up-market visitor.

          Last time Little Sister was here to visit we went to Thrupp and Kidlington for a bit of camera practice, I didn’t do very well, but these weren’t too bad, and another visit to the area would be nice to play a little bit more.

          It was the part of Thrupp next to the Oxford Canal I was interested in, I’d seen one pub in particular on passing and thought it pretty.

          The Jolly Boatman

2014-03. The Jolly Boatman.

          We parked in the carpark here, sat for a coffee inside, and then just wandered for a while along the canal.  It’s a pretty pub with tables and benches set along the side of the canal, lovely in summertime.  we walked towards Banbury, although we had no intention of going anywhere near so far on that occasion, one day this will be the starting point for a day out in the Banbury direction.

          The beer garden is nicely set back from the water and invites you in as you’re passing.

2014-03. Boatman beer garden.

          Slightly further along the canal we came to another pub, this one I didn’t know was there, The Boat Inn.

2014-03. The Boat Inn.

          I stood on a grassy mound lining up a nice picture including the pub sign, but the red landrover you can just see pulled up and parked in my photo so instead I just took a quick snap of the front of the front of the building for now, again, another reason for a re-visit.

          Whereas the Jolly Boatman has the advantage of being bordered on one side by the canal, it also has the main road from Kidlington passing it on the other side so this is how I knew about it.  The Boat is to be found down a tiny road called Canal Road and if you approach from the main road, take the time to stroll around the corner to see the rest of the road as it continues next to the canal, its line of pretty little houses won’t disappoint.

2014-03. Canal road.

          It was March when we visited, and the daffs were in full bloom in the flower boxes along the canal between the two pubs.  I’m not sure who planted them, but I loved the little signs poking up from each pot, some saying they were sponsored by particular canal residents, but this one, asking for a little help from passing friends.

2014-03. Dear Moorer.

          Just another note here, I’m guessing you’ve heard of the detective series Morse ?  Well living just outside Oxford as I do, as much as I enjoyed the series when I originally watched it, I’ve got an added interest now, finding the landmarks in the episodes, things which I just wander past without a second thought while shopping or visiting the local establishments available.

          I haven’t checked it out yet, but I’ve been told The Boat Inn features in one of the Morse episodes.  I’ll find out more before I visit with the camera again.

           More from before: Various visits to, and from, “Kidlington” and “Thrupp“.


7 thoughts on “Thrupp

  1. It is a wonderful name! It thripps off the thongue 🙂

    What a pretty place. I’d be interested to see the landmarks featured in Morse; looking forward to seeing your photos of them!

    • My get up and go seems to have got up and gone without me for the moment, I’ve been needing a new “something” to get it back again. I think we may have just found it. 🙂
      I’ll Google all the locations I can find, watch the corresponding episodes of Morse, Lewis and Endeavour again (such a chore, but sacrifices must be made in the name of art) and then I’ll go on a Morse hunt with the camera. 😀

      • Great! I’m very sorry that you will have to endure those programmes again – it will be very difficult 🙂 I’ve not seen any Endeavour and very few of Lewis, but I loved Morse – so complex, and such an interesting character.

        I haven’t been out and about photographing as much recently. It’s sometimes good to have a little break from time to time in order to see things from a fresh perspective. The cooler weather now and the softer light are encouraging me to get out and photograph a bit more.

        Looking forward to seeing the results of the Morse hunt!

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