Abingdon elephant

          Have you ever been to Abingdon ?

          I know I’ve been before, but I don’t remember much about it.  The one thing which did stick with the old grey matter is the County Hall.  A big square building standing on arches which give it the appearance of having legs, and somehow in my head left the memory looking like a giant elephant.

2014-08. County Hall.

          I imagine I could stand underneath the elephant with my camera and catch all sorts of wonderful pictures through the arches, especially on a rainy day,  but this time I just focused on one because it tied in with the memory I’d made.

2014-08. Through the arch.

          Tradition dictates that on special occasions buns are thrown from the top of the building by the “big-wigs” of the time to the crowds waiting below.

          I’m a little sketchy about the details of who and why, my school friend who grew up in Abingdon said a long time ago that it happened on Mayday, Eldest Daughter, who loves Abingdon and almost moved there recently says its hot-cross-buns at Easter, and the good old interweb seems to think it only happens when the council of the day votes for it too, as on such occasions as royal weddings and jubilees.

          However, one little cafe, which we didn’t visit on this occasion, but will on the next, is named after the event “Throwing Buns” so I couldn’t resist taking a photo of it through one of the arches.

2014-08.  Bun Throwing.

          We had a mixture of brilliant sunshine and grey clouds (but no rain) on our visit so the pictures I managed to take had varying dappled skies as backgrounds, the flowers in front of this view showed off their brilliant colours so well that they enticed me out to the edge of the curb to sit on double yellow lines in between the traffic with the camera.

2014-08. County flowers.

           More from before : A day in “Abingdon

7 thoughts on “Abingdon elephant

    • I’m sure there must be someone who knows the whys and wherefores of the bun tradition. I believe part of the building is now a museum, I’ll have to check out the opening times before my next visit. They’re sure to know. 🙂

    • … A giant elephant carrying a huge Chinese style house on its back. 😀

      Also I’ve been told that the coffee and buns inside “Throwing Buns” are as wonderful as the name outside. 🙂

  1. I’ve been to Abingdon and I remember it also has lots of nice old pubs. There’s also an easy walk you can do along the river just outside of town, which is a lovely way of wiling away a summer’s afternoon.

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