Hot hot hot

          Feeling hot, hot, hot.

2014-08. The Chillees.

          Our visit to Abingdon coincided with a visit from the Oxfordshire Chilli Festival.   The market place was awash with stands, stalls, and entertainment,  and people just sharing a good day in the dappled sunshine.

          Unfortunately,  as many times as I checked back at one of the food stalls, and there were many, I didn’t manage to catch a snap of any canine companions standing in the queue for a chilli-dog, but I did snap away at these brilliant colours on a chilli bush decorating one of the stalls.

2014-08. Numex Twilight.

          Another missed opportunity saw the same bushes completely sold out on a chilli plant stall but with a little help from t’interweb, a packet of “Numex Twilight” chilli seeds will soon be landing on my doormat for Hubby to grow some of his own.

2014-08. 4. Belly dancers.

          The chillies weren’t the only hot colours on display.  Part of the entertainment was provided by a couple of belly-dancers.  Brilliantly coloured skirts moved in time to lively music, and it was really obvious that the dancers were enjoying themselves dancing as much as the crowd were enjoying the watching.

2014-08. 5. Belly dancers.

2014-08. 6. Belly dancers.

          One last quick glance across the chilli festival before we head away from the market place and off for a gentle stroll alongside the river Thames.  Oh, and don’t worry, the grey cloud hovering over the county hall soon passed without sharing its baggage and we set off to the river under more cotton wool clouds.

2014-08. Chilli Festival.

           More from before : A day in “Abingdon


3 thoughts on “Hot hot hot

  1. What pretty chillies. I love to watch belly dancers. A troupe appear each year at the Swanage Folk Festival and dance in procession with Morris sides, clog dancers, and others. The first time I saw them I was moved to tears. I think it must have been something about women of all ages and shapes shedding their inhibitions and enjoying themselves. A friend of mine joined a belly dancing class at the local gym whilst in her 60s. I’d love to try it but I’d have to loosen up and lose my inhibitions a lot first 🙂

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