Abingdon Weir

          I’ve just a few more pictures left of Abingdon this time, but another visit is a must so you will see more eventually.

          We left the Market Place via Bridge Street, very aptly named as we soon crossed the bridge over the Thames, and then although the camera tried to take me to the right, we turned left and wandered along the riverside path in Abbey Meadows towards the lock and weir.

          Various long boats and barges were tied up along the way but all seemed to be quiet on the river.

2014-08. Bycycles.

          The weir came into view and a few photo opportunities shouted at me, but I only had the little red camera.  I was surprised how used I’d become to the new black one in the time I’ve had it, especially considering how scary it felt when I first started using it.  Having stretched my photography further than before I found I missed its extra options and control.  Yet another reason to return to Abingdon.

2014-08. Weir.

          We wandered along as far as the lock and crossed in between boats then waited on the other side to watch the lock in action for a while.
As this is Britain, and it’s the thing to do, the boats formed an orderly queue along the bank waiting for their turn to use the lock.

2014-08. Lock queue.

          There’s another picture taken from the same place in “Weeds and Waterways“.  While the other’s in our party marveled at the water thundering through the lock, as usual I was looking at something different and playing with the weeds.

           More from before : A day in “Abingdon


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