I decided a leisurely stroll along a short stretch of the Oxford canal was a good idea today so I pursuaded Hubby to abandon his Saturday afternoon sport and join me.  I’d found a short circular walk online and thought today was a good chance to check it out.  It’s a stretch of canal I visited recently with Little Sister when we dropped in on “Thrupp” but  today I planned on walking a little further, we drove to Thrupp again just outside Kidlington and joined the canal at the Jolly Boatman at bridge 223 as before and wandered off in the Banbury direction.

2014-08. Jolly Boatman 223.
It was a reasonably warm Saturday lunchtime and the canal between the Jolly Boatman and the Boat Inn was quite quiet considering, I guess most of the canal residents were tied up for lunch, although we did come across a few stowaways waiting for their ship to sail.

2014-08. Stowaways.

          We plodded along the towpath between the two pubs.  Maybe a Saturday lunchtime isn’t the best time to try to take a picture of the Boatman Inn, the carpark was full again so I just snapped at the sign as it creaked in the slight breeze.

2014-08. The Boat Inn sign.

          The instructions for our online walk said we were to start by taking the lane to the left of the Boat Inn so off we went, in a direction away from the canal with my fingers crossed as I tried to assure Hubby of my map reading skills.

           More from before: Various visits to, and from, “Kidlington” and “Thrupp“.


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